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Today, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the FIFA ( President Gianni Infantino met with Football Association of Malawi President Fleetwood Haiya.

Football Association of Malawi President Fleetwood Haiya (EN):

“We also discussed issues about infrastructure improvement and development, which is very key in my country, as we don’t have a proper infrastructure. So, this is everything we were talking about. We need to have infrastructure so that that can give a platform to the players.”

Football Association of Malawi President Fleetwood Haiya (EN):

“We’re talking about infrastructure development and improvement: most of the stadiums in Malawi are owned by the government, so the government is the biggest player in our football in Malawi. This is why I invited the President to come to my country so that we can also sit down with the team. Finally, we also talked about capacity-building and the technical support. You know, all the schools, what we need is just capacity-building and the technical support, and maybe the technical equipment. I’m sure that, with these few goals that I have given to the President, we are going to move our football to another level in Malawi.”

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