Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Addis Ababa — Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has expressed his party’s readiness to form a strong government, if declared winner of the 6th General Election by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia.

“Our election clearly shows to all that love Ethiopia and Ethiopians was quite phenomenal and a lesson for us and the world,” he said.

Speaking at a regular session of the House of People’s Representative today, Abiy noted that Ethiopia as a nation has won the election.

“The joy that you and I have is not because we are elected but because Ethiopia has won as a nation.”

The premier praised the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, the media, opposition political parties, among others, for their contribution to the peacefully conduct of the election.

“Over 40 of the political parties that took part in the election did a great job to ensure that our election went peacefully and democratically,” he noted.

According to him, the people above all deserve to be praised for queuing patiently to elect those who serve them and eradicate poverty.

PM Abiy warned the incoming members of the House to shoulders the huge responsibility that awaits them, adding that “we are not at least supposed to steal from our people.”

Regarding the formation of a new government in September, he said “we will not set up a government like we used to have, if we win the election and are declared winners by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia.”

Furthermore, the premier underscored that “we can argue about politics, but when it comes to development we need to work together.”

He reaffirmed that “political parties that withstood the challenges and participated in the democratic process will be allowed to participate in the strong government we form in September.”

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