Wed. May 29th, 2024

The government is in the process of purchasing 100 electric city buses, a significant step towards supporting Ethiopia’s efforts to build a green economy, according to Metku Asmara, head of Addis Ababa’s transport Bureau.

Mitiku stated that public transport currently covers 31 percent of the city’s 3.4 million daily trips, underscoring the government’s emphasis on mass transportation.

To promote electric mobility, the city administration has been transitioning its own fleet to electric vehicles.

Additionally, private investors have provided 20 electric minibuses and two buses to the public, which have proven efficient in transporting large numbers of people due to their speed.

The head highlighted his Bureau’s commitment to supporting private transport providers in the sector and urged them to invest in electric charging stations.

He explained that such investments serve multiple purposes, including reducing air pollution, minimizing fuel consumption, mitigating noise pollution, and protecting the environment.

By leading as role models, private investors can inspire others to engage in the sector, which offers various opportunities.

As electric vehicles gain popularity in the country, facilitated by government tariffs, the need for charging stations becomes crucial, he said.

The government has already initiated the process of procuring 100 electric city buses within a short timeframe, the head noted.

Mitiku expressed optimism that the introduction of these electric vehicles and buses will alleviate the current transportation challenges.

Furthermore, it is indicated that the Belayneh Kindie Group is assembling public transport vehicles, with 216 electric vehicles already completed.

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