Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

A specialized task force dedicated to controlling diseases caused by iodine deficiency has been established in the Central Region.

During a meeting held on 27 December, Mr. Alem Araya, Head of Quality Control at the Eritrean Standard Institution, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the significance of iodine for the health of humans and animals, its use in Eritrea, and public awareness about iodine’s importance.

Mr. Alem highlighted the health risks associated with iodine deficiency, stating that fortifying salt with iodine is an effective method to mitigate these diseases. He noted that the practice of adding iodine to salt began in Eritrea in 1994/95 and led to an increase in iodine usage to 88% by 1998. However, he reported a slight decrease to 86% in 2010 and urged the public to consistently use iodized salt.

It is to be recalled that, back in 1997, the Ministry of Health issued a directive mandating the iodization of salt intended for human and animal consumption.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Information, Eritrea.


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