Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Ms. Fauzia Hashim, the Minister of Justice, conducted a seminar in the Southern Red Sea Region, focusing on the Ministry’s programs aimed at preserving the noble societal values.

During the seminar, attended by Ambassador Mohammed Seid Mantai, Governor of the Southern Red Sea Region, Brig. Gen. Abraham Andom, Commander of the Eastern Command, and other regional officials, Ms. Fauzia emphasized the importance of upholding noble societal values. She highlighted on how the noble societal values strengthen unity, promote sustainable development, and contribute to the formulation of regulations and guidelines that reflect the values.

Ms. Fauzia also explained the Ministry’s vigorous efforts conducted in 2023 to preserve these noble societal values and transfer them to posterity and that will continue in 2024. She stated that the Ministry based on the experience gained is working to restructure the judicial system to uphold the unity in diversity of the Eritrean people.

In addition, Ms. Fauzia announced plans to identify shortcomings in existing laws and align them with the current situation. To facilitate this process, she revealed the establishment of community councils, comprising village elders and knowledgeable individuals, in 755 administrations nationwide. These councils aim to empower communities to resolve their legal issues, and she called upon the public and stakeholders to actively participate in these efforts.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Information, Eritrea.


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