Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Dr. Samson Abay, a pediatrician at Mendefera Referral Hospital, emphasized the need to raise the number of voluntary blood donors and urged the public to increase their involvement in the endeavor to enrich the blood supply of health facilities.

At the meetings he held from 26 to 32 October, Dr. Samson asked for the creation of the National Voluntary Blood Donors Association in the Senafe and Emni-Haili sub-zones as well as increased public awareness in the Adi-Keih sub-zone.

Dr. Samson emphasized at the discussions the need for more volunteer blood donors in order to save lives by using renewable blood.

The chairman of the Southern region’s voluntary blood donors association, Mr. Abraham Yohannes, stated that 8 thousand 591 units of blood had been donated in the last ten years and that significant efforts are being made to boost the supply of blood.

The National Voluntary Blood Donors Association has branches in the sub-zones of Mendefera, Dekemhare, Adi-Keih, Adi-Quala and Dubaruwa in the Southern region.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Information, Eritrea.


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