Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

A Nairobi-based think tank, Power Shift Africa, has released a report titled “Africa’s Agenda for COP28” just a week before the upcoming climate summit in Dubai.

The report calls for unprecedented actions to combat the escalating climate crisis and outlines six key areas of focus. It emphasises the urgent finalisation of the Loss and Damage Fund, addressing climate-induced disasters’ impact on vulnerable communities. The report urges African leaders to work together, emphasising the need for rich countries to fulfil their climate finance promises.

Key points include a well-defined mandate for the Just Transition Work Programme, doubling adaptation finance, prioritising low-risk concessional loans, and fulfilling the overdue $100 billion pledge by developed countries. The report stresses the importance of grants over loans, aligning financial support with justice principles for developing nations.

With COP28 seen as a turning point, the report advocates for Africa’s commitment to a sustainable, greener future. UN Secretary-General António Guterres declared 2023 as the end of global warming, making this year crucial for climate action.

By Joy

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