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Grandes Moagens de Angola (GMA) has stopped importing the raw material to use wheat grain produced by Novagrolíder, in line with the Executive’s strategy and guidance to boost the local economy.

It is with this aim of contributing to the reduction of imports and foreign exchange savings that GMA received this week, at the Port of Luanda terminal, the second shipment of 85 tons of wheat grain purchased from Novagrolíder.

“The understanding reached by these two Angolan companies demonstrates GMA’s interest in including national raw materials in its production, in close alignment with the Government’s guidelines,” said a note from the processing unit.

For César Rasgado, Director of Grandes Moagens de Angola, this is a historic milestone, because it highlights the company’s effort to contribute to the much-needed valorization and diversification of the national economy.

incorporating Angolan wheat grain into the production of the factory he runs.

‘However, we have called on the Government to review the VAT rate and/or other tax burdens associated with the production of national wheat and wheat flour, so that we can achieve a major objective that we have had since the beginning of this project, which is to maintain and consolidate the local industry’, he stressed.

In the note, César Rasgado says that GMA has always made use of Angolan labor, properly trained and with the necessary skills to ensure the efficiency of its production and its quality, and, whenever possible, incorporating national raw material, to help relaunch wheat production that already existed in the past in Angola.

For his part, José Macedo, from Novagrolíder, assumes the interest of maintaining a continued partnership relationship with GMA to boost the cultivation and production of the raw material in Angola, as well as the production of 100% Angolan flour.

“For us, these first shipments mean the highly promising beginning of our wheat production, as well as the certainty that 100% national flour can be produced in Angola,” said the official.

He added that these two companies can play a very important role in reducing imports, with Novagrolíder being a wheat producer and responsible for seed selection, promoting with its activity the production of peasant families and corporate agriculture.

Grandes Moagens de Angola, he said, is a serious company with the potential to transform large quantities of cereal, being able to acquire national wheat and transform it into flour, which is then introduced into the commercial circuit that takes it to the consumer.

‘In our opinion, they are two companies that complement each other and that can be an asset for the dynamization and diversification of the national economy, as long as they are properly supported’, concluded José Macedo.

Since the beginning of its foundation, GMA has been a member of the Association of Wheat Flour Producers of Angola, which in the recent past signed an agreement for the supply of wheat grain with a farm in Bié, also to support the promotion of national production and the diversification of the economy.

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