Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023
African Peace Road Show

The Road Show is an all week+ event that would host varieties of people. This event aims to propagate the benefits of diversity and inclusiveness in achieving world peace and sustainability. The Roadshow is a peaceful exercise where individuals showcase their varied cultural tendencies as a group, in a public location. This is to bring attention to crucial topics including the need for a sustainable future and economic progress in a changing world.

A public show of devotion for the sake of peace, education, health, and cultural activities will be the focus of this peace pilgrimage.

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African Peace Road Show Details


Achieving Sustainable Peace and Economic Development in a Changing World.


2nd – 14th September, 2022.


  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Ajman
  • Umm Al Quain
  • RAK
  • Fujairah


  • Business networking.
  • A showcase of Culture.
  • Launch of peace initiatives.
  • Music, Dance.
  • Paper Presentation.
  • Etc.

Participants in the African Peace road show would be people of all ages, all tribes/races and all gender. There is no bias whatsoever. Also, to raise the public profile of Africa while eliminating the cold narratives against it remains one of the most crucial aims of this event.

Other participatory and subsequent benefits include a better understanding of world leaders on ways in which;

  • The rule of law & protecting human rights are promoted which helps to nurture sustainable development
  • Environmental issues are touched which aims at educating on how to tackle them – we are faced with man-made and natural disasters and this has contributed to climate change.
  • promotes International trade for business & investment, streamlining regulatory framework and countering corruption.
  • Create alertness to respond to traditional and emerging challenges
  • Create an avenue for dialogue and corporation among Nations on security issues with impact on development.

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