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August 7, 2023
Abuja, Nigeria

The African Peace Magazine strongly condemns the recent military coup that took place in the Niger Republic on July 26, 2023. We view this unconstitutional seizure of power as a grave setback to the progress of democracy and stability in the African continent, and a direct affront to the principles of peace and unity that we hold dear.

The ousting of President Mohamed Bazoum, who was duly elected by the people of Niger, is a violation of the democratic process that the nation has been striving to uphold. We firmly believe that any change in leadership must be achieved through peaceful and democratic means, respecting the will of the people as expressed through free and fair elections.

We call upon the Nigerien military to immediately restore democratic rule and reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum. The Nigerien people deserve to have their voices heard and their choices respected within a democratic framework. The stability and progress of Niger, as well as the broader African continent, depend on adherence to the principles of good governance, rule of law, and respect for human rights.

Furthermore, we urge all ECOWAS and African leaders, as well as leaders from around the world, to adopt diplomatic approaches to address the crisis and contribute to the swift restoration of democracy in Niger. It is imperative that the international community come together to support the people of Niger in their pursuit of democratic governance and peaceful coexistence.

The African Peace Magazine reiterates its commitment to promoting values of peace, unity, and democracy across the African continent. We stand in solidarity with the Nigerien people and call for a peaceful resolution to this crisis that upholds their rights and aspirations.

We believe that through dialogue, cooperation, and a shared commitment to democratic principles, we can overcome the challenges facing Niger and work towards a future where stability, prosperity, and unity prevail in Niger and throughout the entire African continent.

Thank you.
Noah Ajare
Editor in Chief

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