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African Peace Magazine was live at the swearing-in of President Joao Lourenco for a second term as president of Angola and covered the event which was quite colorful, peaceful, and memorable in the history of Angola.

African Peace Magazine Team Live at the inaugural ceremony.

President Lourenco, 68, was sworn in alongside Esperanca da Costa, the nation’s first female vice president, at Praca de Republica square in the capital, Luanda.

The ceremony was officiated by the president of the Constitutional Court, Laurinda Prazeres, at the palm tree-lined Praca da Republica square.

In his inaugural speech, he said “Congratulations for the patriotism and high degree of tolerance, and civility shown in what are already considered the most disputed general elections in the history of the young Angolan democracy.”

“Angolans have demonstrated to the world that at crucial moments, they know how to make the best choices and choose the future of their country with great responsibility.”

President Lourenco further pledged to create jobs for the nation’s unemployed youths and to be the President of all Angolans. He also said he is committed to paying special attention to the living conditions and welfare of the population during this second term.

Lourenco’s ruling party, the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), was declared the winner of the Aug. 24 vote by the National Electoral Commission after garnering 51.17% of the vote while UNITA received 43.95% of the vote and disputed the results. But the Constitutional Court dismissed the complaint. MPLA won 124 deputies while rival UNITA has 90. Three smaller parties have two deputies each.

After his inauguration, Lourenço thanked the citizens for their confidence, as they guaranteed his victory in the August 24 elections, when they supported the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the party’s candidate for the highest office in the State and the Government.

According to the president, people bet on continuity, peace, stability, and economic development by supporting the MPLA in an electoral race that contributed to strengthening democracy.

We at African Peace anticipate the president’s promise of enhancing Angola’s and Africa’s overall economic prospects. As we work together to advance a more sustainable and peaceful Africa, we will corporate with the Angolan government and its people to advance our shared objectives.

We are certain that opportunities across the Angolan economic landscape are anticipated to increase as the nation ushers in a new era of economic growth thanks to vigor, political will, and unlocked human capital development.

One such opportunity is the much anticipated International African Energy Oil and Gas Summit 2022 with the theme ‘Harnessing the Potential for Inclusive Energy Transition and A Sustainable Future’, Scheduled to hold in Angola from the 22nd of October 2022.

The event, which is a solidly packed networking opportunity for its attendees is brought to you with the support and endorsement of the Angolan Government. As a result of the event’s strong positioning of Africa for global market integration, it would serve as a recognized avenue for delegates to interact with investors and high-level personalities from across the world.The event would support the positioning of your brand as a major force in the African energy, oil, and gas market.

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