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In a move to address challenges faced by African children and their schools posed by power outages and no access to power, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) ( has embarked on a transformative initiative that will see it provide, together with partners, off-grid solutions to thousands of schools across Africa. The program’s pilot phase kicked off with the provision of a solar power system to Willow Crescent Secondary School in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg. Qualifying schools and projects must demonstrate an unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions and community empowerment.

The African Energy Chamber is a leading energy advocacy group dedicated to addressing energy poverty in Africa by 2030 by encouraging investments in the entire African energy value chain.

The AEC’s donation of solar panels stands as a beacon of hope, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply for the 1700 students, school, and staff of Willow Crescent Secondary School. This initiative directly addresses the critical need for uninterrupted electricity access during outages, guaranteeing an uninterrupted learning environment for young South African boys and girls.

“We express our deepest gratitude for the invaluable donation of solar panels, as during stage four of load shedding, our school heavily relied on a small generator, costing us between 1000 and 2000 rands in petrol just to power our admin block—an expense the school could not bear,” said Olivia Hill, principal of Willow Crescent Secondary School.

Load shedding has become a major issue in South Africa, causing power outages for hours at a time.

Beyond the confines of the school grounds, this project will significantly impact the Eldorado Park community. By providing a dependable power source to a local educational institution, which is at the center of the entire community’s wellbeing. This project not only provides a reliable power source for educational activities but also marks a step towards a more resilient and empowered community. The consistent electricity supply will markedly enhance the student’s educational experience, creating boundless opportunities for growth, innovation, and a brighter future for the students and the community at large.

“As the African Energy Chamber, we are committed to fostering innovation and sustainable solutions. It is our goal to actively contribute to the development of communities through impactful initiatives. We are particularly committed to promoting sustainable access to power for young boys and girls in education.” said Ms. Oneyka Cindy Ojogbo, a board member at the African Energy Chamber.

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