Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Earlier we reported that Uganda’s Constitutional Court had rejected a bid to overturn a controversial anti-gay law adopted in May last year.

The BBC has since spoken to a member of one of the groups which had challenged the law, arguing that the legislation violated fundamental rights guaranteed by Uganda’s constitution.

Nicholas Opiyo, a lawyer, said: “The court decided today that it is legal and lawful to discriminate against LGBTQ people. The court today decided that it is legal to exclude the LGBTQ community from participating in the affairs of their country, simply on the basis of public sentiment and alleged cultural values.”

Steven Kabuye, an activist who fled Uganda after being stabbed in what some deemed to be a homophobic attack, also condemned Wedneday’s ruling.

“My heart weeps for those that are still back in Uganda,” he is from his new home in Toronto, Canada.

“They have to stay as safe as possible. They have to hide themselves away. Those who haven’t [managed to escape] are really, really in danger.”

By Joy

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