Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Absorb people’s KNOWLEDGE by LISTENING more than you talk. When you talk, you air your KNOWLEDGE. When you LISTEN, you add to your knowledge and wisdom. Be SILENT. LISTEN. And you will increase in KNOWLEDGE. Most importantly, LISTEN when God talks!

I saw the power of money when I sent it to someone down with malaria. The bank alert unleashed a type of enthusiasm that can only be described as anti malarial joy! Sometimes, sick people don’t need prayer. Give them money. Money is therapeutic!

AMEN without WORK is an OMEN for your POVERTY. If you want PROSPERITY, you must WORK before praying to God to bless your EFFORT. Only then is your AMEN an effective OMEN that will bring WEALTH!

Better to be debt free and drive a regular car and live in your own home, than to drive luxury cars, and live in rented mansions, while you owe a mountain of debt. There is more luxury in peace of mind than in luxury cars bought with borrowed money

If you have not bought a book this year, but you have bought a designer outfit, you have shown that vanity is more important to you than substance. Books sharpen your mind forever, while designer clothes make you look sharp only for a while

By Joy

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