Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


  • APM organising committee reserves the right to use all materials submitted by candidates including photos and videos for promotional materials.
  • The 3 finalists (including the winner) are required to attend APM Award Gala Dinner and should be responsible for their own personal health and wellbeing during their whole visit and back.
  • The 3 finalists (including the winner) must be available for promotion and interviews. They are responsible to keep APM award organising committee updated as required.
  • The APM award organising committee reserves the right to request interviews of the 3 finalists (including the winner) and to use the interviews or their contents in whole or in part as promotional materials.
  • Any materials taken by APM with any or all of the finalists (including the winner) including interviews, photographs and videos etc, remains the exclusive property of APM
  • The winner of APM will act as a spokesperson for APM, and may not represent any other award during their year of tenure as APM winner.
  • THE APM Committee reserves all right to the following conditions:

–     Any candidate nominated for THE APMA can be removed from consideration for THE APM if there is any misconduct or wrongdoing or scandal associated with his/her charity

–       The spokesperson must demonstrate integrity and exemplify as a role model to others in the community. THE APM reserves the right to suspend or terminate his/her role as a spokesperson for THE APM, if the winner fails to maintain good standing during his/her term.

  • For award prize release procedures, please observe the guidelines on THE APMA website.