Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Missing former Kenya Air Force Commander Mwenda Mbijiwe’s mother has appealed for the international community’s help in finding him.

Mr Mbijiwe, a vocal security consultant, has been missing since June 12. His car was discovered in a coffee plantation near Tatu City in Kiambu. It had been hired from Mr Edward Mwangi for three weeks, for business purposes, according to the owner.

Mr Mbijiwe’s mother, Ms Jane Gatwiri, said the family had reason to believe he was still alive but that the police seemed reluctant to find him, and were withholding information from her.

Ms Gatwiri invited the US, Israel and South Africa to join the search for the missing chief executive officer of Eye on Security Ltd, 22 days after he left Nairobi for his rural home in Kimbo village in Meru County.

Alleged sister

Speaking to the press for the first time at her home in Sirimon, Buuri West, Meru Count, flanked by family and friends, she said there were many gaps and unanswered questions that they wanted addressed.

She, for instance, asked why Mr Mwangi was allowed to repossess the car without recording a statement. Ms Gatwiri claimed Mr Mwangi is a police officer attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in Nairobi, which is actively involved in the Mbijiwe probe.

It also emerged that Ms Tamara Mbijiwe, the woman who gave press interviews on Mr Mwenda’s disappearance while posing as his sister, is not related to him.

Ms Mbijiwe is the daughter of former Rift Valley Provincial Police Officer John Mbijiwe who hails from Meru County.