Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


The African Peace brand is founded by a group of passionate visionaries who desire to teach and propagate peaceful coexistence in Africa, while the core aim is to promote peace in Africa.

African peace magazine/tv /radio was established to:

  • To promote peace in Africa
  • To promote peaceful resolution of disputes in Africa.
  • To form a network of Africans and Non Africans of integrity who love peace and are ready to work for the restoration, maintenance and of peace within the continent
  • To work out proactive measures for conflict prevention, peace promotion and enrollment of peaceful coexistence amongst people.

Conflict early warning awareness.

  • Raising awareness on small arms and light weapons control.
  • Peace and security initiative.
  • Research in peace building and training/capacity building.

Awards and seminars.

  • Promoting arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Poverty eradication
  • Land informal settlement, housing and rural movements
  • Governance, constitutionalism and democracy
  • Debt , Trade Justice and the Neoliberal Agenda

Regional & Continental Integration

  • Eradication of Xenophobia and Imperialism
  • Eradication of War in Africa
  • Eradication of regional insecurity in Africa
  • Nature and Role of the African State and Imperialism

Gender, Sexism, Feminism, Masculinity and the Marginalised Community

  • Youth Empowerment.
  • Labour Education
  • HIV/AIDS and the rights to Health initiatives.

Media and Globalisation

  • Liberation Theology and Faith Based Organisations
  • Alternatives to Neoliberalism and Capitalism


  • Arts & Culture
  • Food Security and people oriented Poverty Alleviation programs.
  • Establishing Peace-Creating Groups to Eliminate the Underlying Cause of Conflict in Africa.

The whole world is our family and Africa in particular. It is our heartfelt wish to see everyone in every nation living in peace and prosperity, free from the threat of crime, terrorism, and war. Even though there are many sincere individuals and organizations dedicated to the cause of peace, establishing permanent peace requires more than political agreements, discussions, or attempts to maintain a peaceful mood. Permanent peace can only be achieved through a transformation at the deepest level of the human mind.

Research has shown that it is possible to achieve a dramatic and immediate reduction in societal stress, crime, violence, and conflict and an increase in positivity in the society as a whole, nationally and internationally we need a mind reorientation.

The reduction of violence and conflict through the various strategies provided and advocated by African Peace Magazine is the way forward.


The individual influences the surroundings through every thought, word, and action. People who are calm and happy naturally radiate a peaceful, coherent influence in their surroundings. When many people in a society are unhappy and tense, the atmosphere becomes saturated with stress — crime, terrorism, and war are the inevitable result. As long as many individuals in a society are filled with stress and tension, peace can only remain an abstract and fragile idea.

The African Peace approach effectively targets the root cause of national, regional, and African conflict.

Humanity is currently on a global journey from patriarchal violence to solidarity, sustainability, and sustainable human development. African Peace Magazine contains series of reflections on how to mitigate patriarchal barriers to human development in Africa and, in particular, how to overcome the enormous obstacles caused by religious patriarchies and all other related factors.

Kindly come on board and join us in our little effort geared toward making Africa a more peaceful continent.