Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Africa & Colonial Rulers

Algeria July 5th, 1962 France
Angola November 11th; 1975 Portugal
Benin August 1st; 1960 French
Botswana September 30th, 1966 Britain
Burkina Faso August 5; 1960 France
Burundi July 1st; 1962 Belgium
Cameroon January 1st; 1960 French-administered UN trusteeship
Cape Verde July 5th; 1975 Portugal
C.A.R August 13th; 1960 France
Chad August 11th, 1960 France
Comoros July 6th; 1975 France
Congo August 15th; 1960 France
Congo DR June 30th; 1960 Belgium
Cote d’Ivoire August 7th; 1960 France
Djibouti June 27th; 1977 France
Egypt February 28th, 1922 Britain
Eq Guinea October 12; 1968 Spain
Eritrea May 24th; 1993 Ethiopia
Ethiopia over 2000 years,
Never colonized
Kingdom of Aksum
Gabon August 17th; 1960 France
Gambia February 18th; 1965 Britain
Ghana 6 March 1957 Gold Coast Britain
Guinea October 2nd; 1958 France
Guinea Bissau 10 September 1974
24 September 1973
Kenya December 12th, 1963 Britain
Lesotho October 4th; 1966 Britain
Liberia July 26th; 1847 American colonization Society
Libya December 24; 1951 Italy
Madagascar June 26th; 1960 France
Malawi July 6th; 1964 Britain
Mali September 22nd; 1960 France
Mauritania November 28th; 1960 France
Mauritius March 12th, 1968 Britain
Morocco March 2nd; 1956 France
Mozambique June 25th; 1975 Portugal
Namibia March 21st; 1990 South African mandate
Niger August 3rd; 1960 France
Nigeria October 1st, 1960 Britain
Rwanda July 1st; 1962 Belgium administered UN trusteeship
SaoTomePrincipe July 12th; 1975 Portugal
Senegal April 4th; 1960 France
Seychelles June 29th; 1976 Britain
Sierra Leone April 27th; 1961 Britain
Somalia July 1st; 1960 British Somaliland
Italian Somaliland
South Africa 11 December 1931,
April 1994(end of apatheid)
Union of South Africa Britain
Sudan January 1st; 1956 Egypt, Britain
Swaziland September 6th; 1968 Britain
Tanzania April 26th, 1964 Britain
Togo April 27th; 1960 French administered UN trusteeship
Tunisia March 20th; 1956 France
Uganda October 9th; 1962 Britain
Zambia October 24th; 1964 Britain
Zimbabwe April 18th; 1980 Britain