Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

African Peace Magazine UK, one of the leading publications dedicated to fostering peace and development in Africa, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM). This collaboration aims to support the work of NiDCOM in promoting the inclusion of all Nigerians in the diaspora network, enhancing diaspora remittances, establishing a comprehensive database, encouraging increased investment opportunities, providing access to humanitarian assistance, and fostering unity among Nigerians.

The partnership between African Peace Magazine UK and NiDCOM is in line with our shared commitment to peace, unity, and progress in Nigeria. African Peace Magazine UK recognizes the significant role played by Nigerians in the diaspora, who act as advocates and ambassadors of peace, representing the nation across the globe. By joining forces with NiDCOM, we aim to provide a platform for better relations and collaboration between the Commission and the communities requiring humanitarian assistance.

It is our mission to support the development of social, economic, and political sectors of Nigeria, and to amplify the voices of Nigerians in foreign lands who contribute immensely to sustaining peace and resolving pressing issues that threaten the progress of the nation especially in these times when many Nigerians in diaspora are using platforms to promote disunity and call for violence.

This partnership will facilitate the sharing of accurate and reliable information, stories of success and excellence, as well as initiatives and contributions made by Nigerians in diaspora to the development of Nigeria. It also aims to rebrand the nation’s image globally, ensuring that the narrative surrounding Nigeria is changed positively.

By collaborating with NiDCOM, African Peace Magazine UK will engage in various activities that include publishing articles, features, and interviews highlighting the achievements and contributions of Nigerians in diaspora. We will also organize events, seminars, and workshops to encourage investment opportunities and promote dialogue for peace-building and conflict resolution.

African Peace Magazine UK is committed to using its extensive platform and network to raise awareness, promote inclusivity, and strengthen the bond between Nigerians at home and in the diaspora. We strongly believe that together with NiDCOM, we can create a more peaceful, united, and prosperous Nigeria.

For more information about this partnership and to stay updated with our activities, please visit www.africanpeace.org or contact us via Email:afr[email protected] WhatsApp: +447407399766 or +2348033975746

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