Wed. May 29th, 2024

A court in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa has allowed cult leader Paul Mackenzie to meet his wife, Rhodah Mumbua, in prison under strict supervision from the authorities.

Mackenzie pleaded with the court to order the authorities at Shimo La Tewa Prisons to arrange a meeting between him, his wife and their children to discuss family matters.

Mackenzie had also requested to be transferred to a different cell.

But a magistrate summoned the officer in charge of the prison to guide the court on Mackenzie’s plea to be relocated to a different cell.

Mackenzie has been charged with murder after more than 400 bodies were found buried in shallow graves in a remote forest in the coastal Kilifi county.

Survivors and victims’ families have said Mackenzie urged followers to fast in order to “go see Jesus”.

He and 29 others pleaded not guilty and have been behind bars for more than a year.

Mackenzie has already been charged with committing acts of terror, child cruelty and torture, all of which he has denied.

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