Tue. May 11th, 2021

The above subject matters Sir, I have received your letter requesting for an apology regarding the said publication made.

The said article has been taken down from the site and in addition I hereby tender an unequivocal apology both for myself and on behalf of African Peace Magazine.

I deeply appreciate the points you made, I obviously didn’t advert my mind to some of the facts.

It is obviously a learning process and I am better educated by your points.

Once again kindly accepts our profound apologies.

We can share ideals in future on national issues if we have your contact.

I have very deep regards for my friends of the South-South Geo-Political zone and would want you be one of them.

I apologies if my comments was misunderstood, I humbly wish to extend a hand of friendship.

I believe same would help make Nigeria a better place


Noah Ajare Esq.

Editor in Chief African Peace

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